So you’ve decided to become a Christmas lights installer and make very good money over the holiday season, as a new Christmas lights installation business, where do you get your first job? Here’s one easy way to get started. In my city, as in a lot of cities, there is a certain street that is the destination spot for viewing Christmas lights. In some locations, it’s an entire neighborhood, not just one particular street. Where I live we have a charming little street called Peacock Lane. All of the storybook style homes go over-the-top with their Christmas lights each year, and each night there is a constant stream of cars and foot traffic.Do you want to learn more? Visit Idaho Falls Christmas Light Installation.

People love to get out with the family on a chilly night and enjoy the seasonal treat of viewing Christmas lights. Some of the homeowners on the street even provide hot cocoa or cider. As idyllic as all of that sounds, the reality is that the homeowners on that street don’t always enjoy the chore of putting up all those lights. In fact, I strongly suspect that the majority of people who live on the street would gladly turn over all of their Christmas lights installation duties to a reliable professional.

If you were to go door to door and introduce yourself and your new business, I’m certain you could get some good leads. Present yourself as personable, professional, and not pushy. Sell them on the benefits of your service without engaging in salesman-speak. Leave behind a flyer that explains your rates. I’m sure that many homeowners would be relieved to have someone handle the huge chore of holiday lights installation.


When you start work on your first job, make sure to have plenty of business cards handy. Even better, get a magnetic sign for your vehicle so the neighbors can contact you. Once they see how you made quick work of the Christmas lights installation next door, they’ll be more inclined to use your service. One more tip: make sure you answer your phone, and if you miss a call, make sure to return calls quickly. One of the biggest problems with trying to hire someone is actually being able to get through to them on the phone. This is the type of business that tends to snowball once you get the first couple of jobs. I hope this article has gotten you thinking about how you will be able to get clients for your new business.